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Fashoin Rant …

I overheard a gay kid on my bus talking about the Louis Vuitton 2012-13 F/W collection to one of he’s rachets …. he was saying things like ” oh lawd it was atrocious” and “they should stick to hand bags” or “dem ugly long ass trench coats”…. this upset me. Because this kid refused appreciate Marc Jacobs’ abillity to tap into the luxury of a bygone era when woman could express their beauty without having to expose or over-accentuate their bodies. I personally thought his clothes, all bags and luggage as well as the show itself were extremely creative and all together amazing … and whats even more spectacular about it was his ability to take a very vintage sports wear type aesthetic and bring it to present day…*sigh* . Well I’m done …

Lady Gaga on New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2012 in NYC

(Source: juanvevo, via jesuistrescool)